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Build Full Industry Chain and Set Up Independent Standard ——HANDI Lubricant Becomes Founder of China

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Initiated by CSICE (Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines), China Engine Oils Standard Development & Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as “Alliance”) was founded in Shanghai on 13 September,  by HANDI Lubricant, subsidiary of  HANDI Group-“The Fourth Oil Company in China”, together with other leaders in the industry, including SAE-China (Society of Automotive Engineers of China), FAW Group, Weichai Power, JAC, Sinopec, CNPC(China National Petroleum Corporation), etc. The Alliance recommended Jin Donghan, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of CSICE, as the chairman, and Fu Yuwu, President of SAE-China, and Li jun, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering andVice-President of CSICE as the Vice-Presidents.


(HANDI Lubricant as a founder of the Alliance)

Aiming at changing the status of China engine oils industry fully adopting foreign standards and adhering to the principle of “Being innovative, neutral and professional”, the Alliance will establishing the lubricating oil standard system and lubricating oil product standard in line with China's engine technology characteristics through intra-industry technical cooperation. As a representative of domestic high-end lubricants brand, HANDI Lubricant leverages its strong upstream industry chain resources and high quality production tradition to lead China's independent engine oils standards’ formulation, development and innovation and to explore and establish China’s independent engine oils standard system in conjunction with other co-founders.


(Mr. Wu Hanling, President of HANDI Group with other leaders of the Alliance)

HANDI Lubricant aims to build a complete lubricant industry chain at the very beginning of its establishemen, which is the development path of international high-end lubricant companies. Based on HYDROPURE Technology developed independently by HANDI Group, HANDI Lubricant cooperates with TOP4 international additive companies intensively to promote domestic lube industry’s technical progress continuously with focus on product quality and customer experience. HANDI Lubricant also sets up a dedicated lube investment fund to integrate domestic and international lube industrial resources, to create a full industry chain integration platform, and to promote independent innovation and healthy development of china’s engine & lube industries. 


(Mr. Wu Hanling, President of HANDI Group, signing the agreement)

The Alliance has set up an expert panel to,  guide the draft and revision of standard system and product standard and to organize technical seminars and standards review. By The research on China’s engine oils standard system is expexted to be finished by the end of 2020, after which the expert panel will assist the Petrochemical Products’ and Lubricants’ Standards Committee to revise China’s diesel engine oil industry standards.

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