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“Inherit the Qualified Production, Win the World’s Lubrication”- HANDI Lubricant “HYDRO-Whirlwind” B

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“Inherit The Qualified Production, Win the World’s Lubrication” - HANDI Lubricant “HYDRO-Whirlwind” Brand Promotion was held in Qujing on October 21st, 2016. Mr. Chen Qimin, Vice Director of Sales of HANDI Lubricant and Mr. Fu Shifei, CEO of Qujing Boyuan Trading Company gathered together with  nearly 200 channel partners. The whirlwind of HANDI Lubricant swept across the entire city. 


Mr. Chen shared group strength, company visions and distribution layout of HANDI Group with distribution partners, channel partners, and other guests, and illustrated HANDI Group’s strong upstream industry chain resources as The Fourth Oil Company in China and fast developing distribution, technology and marketing strengths. He stressed that HANDI Lubricant will insist on the strategy of sustainable development, rooting in China and going global to create a domestic high-end lube brand with quality  productions. 

Mr. Chen introduces HANDI Lubricant

A HANDI Lubricant marketing staff introduced the “Orange-Heart Club”, an innovative new campaign to channel partners systematically and explained the club positioning, recognition rewards,  development plans and activities. Channel partners are welcome to join the club, and dedicated services will be provided to channel partners, customers and all other members through Orange- Heart Club by HANDI Lubricant.

Marketing staff introduces the “Orange-Heart Club”

HANDI Lubricant Brand Promotion made a great hit in Qujing. Hydro Energy and Hydro Dragon products were found everywhere in the hall. A fantastic visual feast of modern dance, runway product show, Yunnan local peacock dance and other performances were presented. During the show, HANDI Lubricant and Qujing Boyuan Trading Company announced very competitive and attractive promotions with seven gift packages, which triggered tremendous order-placing in site. Channel partners ordered products immediately one after another. They were so enthusiastic that it was nearly “out of control”. The lottery draw was climax of the whole evening. All HYDROwirlwind prizes found their owners.


Enthusiastic people place orders



Models show HANDI Lubricant products

HANDI Lubricant “HYDRO-Whirlwind” Brand Promotion is an important part of its distribution layout in 2016. The success in Qujing laid a solid foundation for HANDI Lubricant to penetrate Yunnan market.

winter, HANDI Lubricant will continue to focus on channels and end-users, hoping for a national-wide “HYDRO-Whirlwind”  which will lay a solid foundation for HANDI Lubricant’s networking and brand image and eventually grow into  recognition of market and reputation among consumers.

HANDI Lubricant adheres to sustainable development route and makes every effort to improve its distribution networking, branding, supply chain and user experience to build HANDI into the most valuable lube brand by cooperating with distributors sincerely and growing with them together.

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