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HANDI GROUP is an international group company engaged in multiple industries including oil refinery, chemical industry, trading, investment and financing, etc. Its business network covers more than 40 countries and areas in Europe, North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Russia, etc.


HANDI marks 2012 the first Strategic Year. Since this year, the group business model was taking form. HANDI Group redesigned its development mode to suit the new economic environment by optimizing and integrating industry chain, improving core competence, assets reorganization, M&A, etc.  

HANDI Group has a professionalM&A team, which has very special insights about global economy and technology development tend. HANDI is engaged in Health Industry (incl. medical care, medical equipment and products), High-tier Manufacturing (incl. military industry, new materials), local Banking and Insurance through M&A, JVs and share-holding companies. HANDI Group will become top competitive group company across the world in the future.

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